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Exploring the Explicitly Making of the Brand Furnestry

By: Mansi Allen


Home renovation needs a refreshing touch on the Interior décor as well. Creating something of a personal signature requires dedication, passion, and perseverance. Resin Restore, rebranded as Furnestry, is a dream project of the two masterminds.

The dynamic duo Mr and Mrs Ankur and Mansi Allen are the minds behind the brand Furnestry. They both are passionate about creating something out of the box. The one-of-a-kind end product of Furnestry has a material-first approach. Furniture can represent deeply felt emotions. They began developing design iterations by experimenting, which was all they knew how to do!

Personal Background

Ms Mansi, a trained interior designer, has always been drawn to commonplace valuable items because of the way they subtly enhance and simplify our lives. She spent eight years working as a freelance interior designer before pursuing her lifelong ambition of becoming a furniture designer.

Mr Ankur, an engineer and business owner, has knowledge of chemistry that enables them to create long-lasting and structurally solid furniture.

 Vision and Mission

The vision of Furnestry is to concentrate on varieties and techniques to create bespoke furniture for its clients. The goal is to produce well-meaning, durable, material-focused furniture that brings a sense of wonder and whimsy to interiors. Perfect enforcement for sustainability and returning handmade processes to the design-curious public is what this brand aims for!

Let's talk about Furnestry now!

A labour of love and an ongoing passion project, furniture serves as a time capsule that connects traditional artistic expression with modern sensibilities. Born in 2020, when everything came to a grinding halt, the expert and enthusiastic owners decided to create a method that would allow them to express the eloquent personality of wood, which had lost favour as quickly as furniture began to gain popularity.

Furnestry is a company committed to the craft and art of manufacturing bespoke furniture. They spend their time creating new stories by reworking traditional materials. As a result, the goods are both a celebration of the creative processes and a triumph of experimental thoughts.

The brand creates durable, adaptable, distinctive, on-trend, and timeless items. It produces valuable works of art as design aficionados infuse environments with a sense of cosiness and wonder.

The creative endeavour is centred at the Manufacturing Facility in Meerut. It is both a haven and a centre where raw materials exchange hands to acquire an empathetic quality, bustling with head designers, artists, and technologists. The products are based on enterprise and knowledge, reflecting the impressions of the artisans and their generational know-how.

Furnestry wishes to build an egalitarian ecosystem because they are a proud Indian company. A setting that is economically liberating and offers employment and training to people looking to improve their life. They will achieve this by preparing candidates through "Kaushal Bharat," a government of India apprenticeship program.

However, considering the fast-paced segment of these sustainable products brought by Furnestry, the brand will live by setting an example. They continuously seek upgrades and timely leverage those materials of choice to the clients. It all comes down to the feeling of building a brand together that adds value to customers' lives.

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We envision creating pieces that reintroduce the design-curious to the dwindling, artisanal practices and focusing on furniture as a force to steer towards sustainability.

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